[button color=yellow url=#]Button text[/button] [br] Replace 'yellow' with the next colors: white, green, bleumarin, rose, black; Instead of #, add your own url

[button color=white url=#]Button text[/button][button color=yellow url=#]Button text[/button][button color=green url=#]Button text[/button][button color=bleumarin url=#]Button text[/button][button color=rose url=#]Button text[/button][button color=black url=#]Button text[/button] [button color=white url=#]You can place a lot of text inside a button[/button] [separator]


[column size=one-half][box type=error]This box is for errors or alerts[/box][box type=success]This is a success box[/box][/column] [column size=one-half position=last][box type=notice]This box is for notices[/box] [box type=info]This is an info box[/box][/column]

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